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Trying it again.

Hello everybody,

This second post will not be anything special other than to tell you that I am trying to still figure all of this out. As I go further and learn more about the whole blogging world, all of these posts will be pretty simple. I will add images, videos, links, etc. as I learn how.

One thing I do want to talk about is what will appear on this blog in the weeks to come. I would love to start having some conversations about some biblical topics. The first one I would like to go over is that of salvation. I'd like to cover what salvation is and what it is not. I thought I would keep it simple and just share some thoughts of my own.

So many people today are very confused about what true salvation is. Let's dive into this most important topic. First and foremost, we learn about salvation through the Gospel of Jesus. In my first post, I went over what the Gospel is and where to find it in Scripture. Check that one out.

I have asked many people over the course of years about what salvation is. I have asked them to tell me in their own words and have gotten answers from different ends of the spectrum and all over the board. Some say that they were saved in church as a small child because they walked an aisle or talked to the preacher. Some say they were born a Christian or that they have always been a Christian. I hear a lot that people ask Jesus into their heart and claim Him as their Lord and Savior. The biggest problem with all of this is that none of it is biblical.

What about believing in God and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? That He rose again and ascended to Heaven? That the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are One God? Three in One, One and Three, and the One in middle died for me? These are all great too, but is this the stuff that saves us?

Let me put it to you guys this way and see what you think. If someone believes in God and that Jesus died on the cross, that He rose the third day, and that He ascended to Heaven, what makes them any different than the Devil himself? Does he not believe the same things? He used to talk to God on a daily basis. He saw Jesus die on that cross and arise three days later. What's the difference between him and us? Glad you asked.

The difference is......TRUST. To be saved, you must place your trust in the fact that Jesus's substitutional atonement is enough to cleanse you of your sins and that through Him, you can enter Heaven one day and be with God for eternity. The fact that someone believes in God is great, but that belief alone does not get you to Heaven. The demons believe in Him also and tremble at the mention of His Name. They will not be going to Heaven.

I weep for people that do not understand the difference in belief and trust. If you are reading this post, I beg you to take what has been said seriously. If you don't believe me or agree with what I have said, do not merely exit this page and not think of this again. Instead, check me out, read your Bible. If you do not have a Bible, we can find you one.

So, there it is guys. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, shoot me a text, or go old school and send me an email. I want to hear your opinions. Until then, be blessed and I'll see you later.

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