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Alright guys,

I think I have everything up and running to the best of my abilities. Of course, this will all get better as I learn more. If it wasn't for my buddy Eric, this definitely would not have happened. Eric, if you're reading this, thank you so much. I hope this new adventure will prove beneficial to all who read and look around on the site.

For this post, I thought I would shed a little light on some of the resources I use for study and research for all of the stuff I will eventually talk about on here. I'll try to keep it short, but I do want to give a little background to each one I list.

Obviously, the first one I will list is the Bible. This is a no-brainer and doesn't necessarily need any background, but I'll give some anyway. Everyone knows (or should know) that Scripture is truth. Not only is it truth, but it is objective truth. What I mean is that it is the foundation from which all truth is based and formulated. It is the mold from which truth comes from. Our society says that God's Word is all subjective and open to interpretation. It is, in fact, NOT. The Bible is our final authority for everything that we encounter in life. More on this later.

As far as books, articles, and reference material, I have a long list, but here are some I use the most.

Webster's 1828 version of the dictionary - I use this one because it still uses a lot of Scripture in the definitions and refers to the Bible often throughout. The newer versions do not. I will not put it on here, but for a good example, go to the respective websites for the two versions of Webster's dictionary and look up the word "salvation". In the modern one, it has basically 6 definitions. The 1828 version has 6 also, however, it gives 5 references to Scripture. I just think that's a better way to look at things.

Commentaries - I use a few of these as well. My go-to is John MacArthur's Whole Bible Commentary. Find this one on Amazon for about $40. I also use the Wycliffe, Matthew Henry, Treasury of David (Spurgeon), and F.B. Meyer Commentaries as well. I like ti use different ones for different perspectives while keeping in mind that all these men are still fallible.

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible - Not gonna lie, this one is pretty intense. The author is Kevin Vanhoozer and his stuff can get pretty deep. That's all I'll say for this one. Check it out if you're interested.

Rose Guides - These books are guides that cover many different topics in the Bible. Some of the topics include: The Tabernacle, Discipleship, The Temple, The Gospels, Book of Acts, and much, much more. These are great books for some light study and great reading.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary - This book is awesome! It covers all kinds of stuff found in Scripture and it even has pictures for some of them. I like pictures!

Pretty much every book I use or will list on this blog is available on They have everything, apparently.

There are a lot more, but that should be enough to get you started. I currently keep adding to the four full bookshelves I already have. Contact me if you guys have any questions.

There are also many speakers that I listen to. Some of these are John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Greg Heisler, R.C. Sproul, Leonard Ravenhill, Paul Washer, Robert Breaker and many more. I also listen to some of the teachings of C.H. Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, and a few more that have passed on.

Software/Platforms - As I have said before and you have probably noticed by now, I do not do to well with technology, so my arsenal is pretty small for now. E-Sword is a free download that has every Bible version you can imagine, commentaries, dictionaries, and all kinds of other stuff to study with. Again, it's free so check out and try it. Of course, no list would be complete without YouTube. YouTube has millions of videos about anything and everything theological. I would use extreme caution when looking up videos, however. There are many wolves out there waiting to deceive us with their teachings. AS long as you can weed these guys out, you should be fine. If you have never ventured into the world of YouTube preaching/teaching, I would recommend starting with John MacArthur and his ministry Grace to You. He is probably the soundest preacher out there right now.

College paper/books/articles/professors/etc. - There are too many for this category. Let's just say I have been in college for a few years now and my bookshelves are getting full. I have also had the privilege of meeting many professors and students alike who I have a lot of respect for and learn a great deal from.

Alright guys, I think that will do it for this post. Short and sweet. I'll keep them coming and try to post one every 3 or 4 days or sooner if I get a good idea. Talk to y'all later.

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