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I'm a slacker......but going on a mission trip!

Sorry everybody. I want to try to get a post on here every 3 or 4 days. I just can't keep up with it yet. Still learning. So, I guess for this one, I will talk about the mission trip to Cincinnati, Ohio coming up this weekend!

My church, Madison Avenue Baptist Church, Welcome to Madison Avenue Baptist Church,, partners with a church in Cincinnati that does something pretty awesome. Their church has multiple services, each in a different language. Some of the languages include Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Bhutanese and others. Their services start on Saturday nights and run all day Sunday. What a wonderful way to reach people with the Gospel!

My wife, my son, and I are going with a group of 8 to serve how we can. I don't know what all we will get into just yet but can't wait to find out. I believe this will more of a mission of mercy type trip rather than an evangelical but either way it will be great.

Mission trips are incredibly important. However, when most people think about "mission trips" they think about going to some hidden jungle in Africa. Did you know that we have groups of people here in the U.S. that are considered "Unchurched" or "Unreached" people groups? It's sad to think that we have people right here at home that have never heard the Name of Jesus.

I was in Montana a few years ago for a trip with another church and while it was great to be there and I would go back if I could, it was unfortunate to see so many people struggling. St. Regis is a tiny town with about 600 people on a good day. It is either the first or second most poverty-stricken place in the entire state. The school there actually leaves the gym doors unlocked for some of the kids to come sleep in at night because their parents are either messed up on drugs or alcohol or they simply don't care enough to make sure they have a place to sleep at night.

However, with all the bad, there is some good. When groups of people come in from other churches like we did and help the community, work on their church building, or help repair the school, the kids especially light up and are so happy to hang out with us. This is when the best part happens. We get to start a relationship with these kids and share the Gospel with them. 99% of the time, in a situation like this, people are very receptive.

This is why mission trips matter. This is why the church, the Body, must go and make disciples. There are so many millions of people looking for truth in the world. If we, the church, do not tell them the truth of Scripture, they will learn the truth of the world. We must be equipped and ready to tell all who will listen.

Are you ready? Could you tell someone the Gospel if the situation came up? Could you present it correctly? How do you start this type of conversation?

These are all huge questions for a Christian to fight with. Scripture says, "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" 1 Peter 3:15.

I find that a lot of people get nervous when asked Gospel questions or ones that require defending their faith. Why? Why do we get nervous about the best thing that has ever happened to us? Salvation is the point in one's life where it is changed forever. They are literally reborn.

Anyways, think about going on a mission trip and spreading the Gospel to people. Even if it is in your own town or city. If you can't afford to go on a mission trip somewhere far away, keep it local and pray for those who can go far away. I've heard it put this way, "If you can't shoot, then carry the bullets. If you can't carry the bullets, pay for the bullets. If you can't pay for the bullets, tell someone where to get them."

Alright guys, I'll try to write another one soon. I pray that people start seeing this site and help spread the Word. I can't wait to start hearing from people and begin to get into some great teaching and discussion. Bye for now and God bless.

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