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Alright guys,

I want to start doing some Bible studies on this blog and pray they will be a blessing and help to you when you read them. I have different thoughts about how I will do them being that I am kind of limited with my tech skills (or lack thereof). Let's give this a trial run and see what happens. Now, in order for this to work, I will need feedback from the tens of people who actually visit this site.

I am going to write out the first few and hopefully get into putting some videos on here in the future. Hopefully they will turn out well because I will be shooting them with the latest in video cell phone!

So, here we go. What better place to start than the beginning, right? Let's take a look at Creation. This one might take a few posts to do, but there is so much information to cover. I'll try to keep these posts kind of short, but there might be a lot of them.

As I said, the beginning. Genesis 1:1. There is so much going on this verse. The first ten words of Scripture have so much to look at. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (KJV of course) This verse is in itself a trinity of trinities. What I mean is this

IN THE BEGINNING - Time - which has three dimensions/forms - Past, Present, Future

GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN - Space - which has three dimensions/forms - Base, Width, Height

AND THE EARTH - Matter - which has three dimensions/forms - Solid, Liquid, Gas

Neat, huh?

Now, one way I believe to study this is by comparison. What I mean is this. In school, 99% of us learned that the Earth, the Universe, everything came from a Big Bang. This THEORY says that somewhere around 17 billion years ago, there was a cosmic burp in time and space. The theory says that nothing blew up and here we are. Let that sink in for a minute.

There are hundreds of problems with this idea, and some are pretty obvious. The most obvious is that this contrasts Scripture in a huge way. God spoke words and created something from nothing, or Ex nihilo for all the Latin speaking people out there. Another obvious problem with this theory is that it contradicts the 1st law of thermodynamics that says matter can neither be created or destroyed. This presents a problem in the academic world. When we look at Creation from the Biblical view we can see proof of God's handiwork because of what is stated in Scripture, however, scientifically it is extremely hard to prove the Big Bang happened at all.

Here's one easy experiment that every can appreciate. Let's say we all get on a merry-go-round. We sit down and start spinning, all in the same direction, right? Faster, faster we go until we eventually get slung off. We will then keep spinning the same direction we were on the merry-go-round until we hit something that stops us, like the ground or a friend. The theory of the Big Bang says that all the matter in the Universe was contained in an infinitesimal area (or dot) and was spinning faster and faster until finally, it exploded, and everything was thrown out into space. Now, if this happened, everything would spin the same direction, correct? Why do we have entire galaxies spinning the other way? Even in our own solar system we have a planet (Uranus) that rolls around the sun instead of spins around it. But, I digress!

Here's another something to look at. This verse is also a verse that talks about the Trinity Itself. The Hebrew word for God used here is Elohim. This word is used because it is talking about the plurality of God. This word could have been YHWH or Yeshua, but it is Elohim. More on this later.

So, the question now arises, how long did it take God to create everything? The Bible says He created in six days and rested on the seventh. I, myself, take that literally. Some do not. They say that each day was an extended period of time. They say that each day was actually thousands or millions of years. My question is how and why would this make sense? Also, again, how can they prove this old age? The age of the Earth is a whole other study!!!

I am convinced that that the theories of evolution and some of the secular scholars of today have seriously damaged the way people think about Scripture and the Author of it. Why haven't we, as Christians, stood up against the teachings that deny what the Bible says? Why have we let the false teachings get such a hold on our schools and our kids? Isn't time we say enough is enough? What would it look like if we, the church, started actually being involved with what our kids are learning in school? What if we started asking the hard questions about why they are allowed to learn about Charles Darwin, but not Jesus Christ? The Bible can be used as a textbook by the way!!!

Well, I said I would try to keep these short, for now. I'll post another one soon. Hopefully, I'll start to shoot some short videos to add as well. Thanks to you all and remember guys, I need some feedback. Please pray that this site/blog start to take off soon. Talk to y'all later!

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